2017 Membership Dues are $40.00.  New and renewing members will be processed, connected with an officer, added to the private state group, and introduced on Facebook within 4 weeks.  Membership packets will begin being mailed in April 2017.

We will not accept membership after September 30, 2017 for the current year.  2018 memberships will open October 2017.

Membership Dues will not be prorated.
Membership fees will not be refunded should you leave the group or if membership is terminated. 

For all women interested in being involved in the group but not becoming a member, our Stilettos on Steel - Female Riders Group Facebook page is an open page to all.  Public events are listed on our Events tab on the website.  Private events are only available to members in the private Facebook groups.


(1) You consider yourself a giving, caring, classy, and tactful feminine woman who is comfortable with other women.

(2) You are looking for friendships with other women who take pride in their appearance, such as wearing lipstick when they ride.

(3) You are willing to ride with newbies.

(4) You are a licensed rider or will become a licensed rider in your first year of membership.

(5) Most importantly, you love the idea of riding a motorcycle.

(6) SOSFRG is a social Riding Group, not a Motorcycle Club. We do not require members to earn patches. Our members may buy merchandise displaying our logo to show that we belong to the same group, this is optional. We do not refer to this merchandise as “our colors”.

(7) Currently, there are no bylaws other than the Rules of Conduct.

Please make sure you have completed all required fields, indicated by red asterisks *, before clicking submit.  If these fields are not complete, the form will not be submitted for processing.  If you experience any complications, please contact Thank you!


Being a member of Stilettos on Steel has its benefits!  Membership is offered in established chapters for $40.00 annually (due by February of each calendar year).  Membership includes:
          + One year national membership in Stilettos on Steel ® - Female Riders Group
          + Member ID card 
          + Member patch or annual member item
          + Website picture honoring your membership
          + Access to private Facebook group for networking in your state
          + Invitation to all SOS sponsored rides
          + Invitation to all SOS sponsored events
          + Invitation to all SOS participating rides and events
          + Listed in and provided with electronic Member directory
          + Listed in SOS Passport to Ride publication
          + Participate in contests for prizes
          + Discounts at participating sponsors
          + Right to purchase and wear custom membership merchandise available in the online store

Stilettos on Steel Female Riders Group, LLC © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

The text, text portions, elements, photos and the overall look and feel are the exclusive copyright property of  Stilettos on Steel ® and cannot be copied or reproduced in any manner.  Unauthorized copying or reproduction is unlawful.



Please complete all required fields, indicated by the red asterisk, and click on Submit at the bottom of the page.  You have the option of attaching your photo for the website profile but is not required.

Passport to Ride


The Stilettos on Steel Passport to Ride is part yearbook, part membership directory, part sponsorship guide.  It is a fun way of identifying and meeting other Stilettos while you are out riding, provides members with contact information, and provides members with a listing of sponsors and discounts.  In order for members to be listed in the Passport to Ride, members must submit their membership form and photo.  Photos must be of acceptable print quality and not small, grainy, or out of focus.  

Businesses interested in becoming a sponsor and advertising in the Passport to Ride can get more information on the Sponsors page. *Business sponsors are not provided with a copy of the publication due to the private nature of members' information.

Visit us:


RULES OF CONDUCT By joining you agree to uphold these rules and promise to protect, respect, and be kind to all members. While we should try to stay young at heart, playful and childlike in tasting each day and experience as a new one, enjoy laughter and silly times with each other, we also should not act towards one another with immaturity, harsh criticism or lack of acceptance. We have different personalities, backgrounds and beliefs. Therefore, we should be unconditional with our respect and kindness.

If you witness or are yourself the target of verbal or physical abuse, gossip, or hear judgmental remarks based on race, sexual orientation, or any personal attacks by another member of SOSFRG, you should report it to the President (email: directly. If the issue cannot be resolved with the offender, they will be asked to leave the group and will lose SOSFRG membership privileges, including but not limited to: rides, events, Facebook group membership, and website member profile.

We do not encourage drinking during SOSFRG riding events and expect that you will be responsible for your safety and the safety of others.



The Stilettos on Steel website feature is how the public learns about who we are and can relate to us as women like them.  By showing who we are we are able to prove that all women can operate a motorcycle.


Members interested in having their own web feature must submit a photo with their electronic membership form or send an email with a photo (photos must be of acceptable print quality and not small, grainy, or out of focus).


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