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Female Riders Group
Welcome to
Female Riders Group
Welcome to
Female Riders Group
Welcome to
Female Riders Group

Our Passion

To unite female motorcyclists of all skill levels for friendship, support, and peer-to-peer or professional learning opportunities that will make them knowledgeable and safe motorcycle operators.

To provide an all-female motorcycle riding group empowering women to ride safe, strong and street smart.

To promote an image that feminine women possess the mental and physical skills needed to operate and own a motorcycle.

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About Stilettos

Stilettos on Steel® Female Riders Group, LLC is a female-owned business providing membership and networking services to female motorcycle riders all across the United States.  Our driving desire is to help women who dream of riding to take the next step in becoming a motorcycle rider.  Our more experienced members enjoy working with new riders to help them hone the skills learned in their riding class and prepare them for adventures on the open road with their new Stiletto Sisters.

Stilettos on Steel® is not a non-profit or charity organization, we do not host charity rides or fundraisers but we do donate to causes important to our members. While there are many causes worthy of support, making the riding experience and sisterhood a positive influence in every member's life is our main priority. We want to see every woman enjoying life to the fullest and enable them to participate in the charity and fundraiser rides already out there.

Stilettos on Steel® was founded in 2010 in Madison, WI and has since expanded across the country with official chapters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Illinois, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Utah. Chapters are led by area officers who are trained by Anne, Burklin and Lysandria the National Officers for Stilettos on Steel®, and are provided additional support through the network of officers to become a successful chapter. While these positions are voluntary, the rewards are many, including every smiling face of a Stiletto Sister and the immense sense of pride felt when happy women have joined together over the love of motorcycling.

About the National Officers

Anne Zube, President & CEO, found herself as a motorcyclist at a turning point in her life.  In 2009, she took her Riders Edge course, was given the surprise of a weekend HD rental for her birthday, and hated the thought of taking the motorcycle back.  The wild hair had turned into a life altering passion.  Along with with titles of Stiletto and motorcyclist, Anne is also a wife, mother of two, and chihuahua mom.  When not working her full-time job, Anne can be found connecting with women riders all over the US to encourage their riding pursuits or riding the back roads of southeast Wisconsin, living the dream she envisions for all women riders. 

Burklin Nielsen, COO, always wanting to be a motorcyclist, created the opportunity for herself.  After having taken the MSF Basic RiderCourse, she found her love for riding her own in 2010.  Now she balances family life with two kids, a full-time job, the requirements of a family business, and Stilettos.  Although life often has its way of taking over and riding time is limited, she loves every moment of it, especially when riding with the Stilettos.

Lysandria "Lala" Coreano, CHR, wanting to overcome a fear of motorcycles took the Riders Edge Course on the Space Coast of Florida and immediately fell in love with riding and before she graduated the class she already bought her first motorcycle! Looking to ride with likeminded women she came across a video of Anne Zube on the internet and joined immediately and got to work on building a network of lady riders throughout Florida and the Nation!  Lala, is a proud Navy Veteran, Mother and Wife with a passion for people and riding to new locations!

Vicki Weller, National Mentor, starting riding her own motorcycle in 2009 after watching many other ladies riding solo and thinking “I can do that!”. She took the plunge by buying her first motorcycle and then signing up & completing the motorcycle riding course. Vicki joined Stilettos on Steel in the fall of 2014 when Michigan was first starting to grow with new members and was part of the celebration when Michigan finally became a member state in 2015. Vicki is retired after 40 years in the aerospace industry and enjoying every minute of it riding her motorcycle, bowhunting and traveling with her husband, Randy. In addition to being an adventurous wife, she is also a mom to three beautiful daughters and loves being a grandma to 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Vicki prides herself on being supportive of others and is here to jump in and help where ever she is needed.

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